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Cherry Gardens Heritage Cemetery Safety and Indigenous Garden

Please be advised that the idea "Cherry Gardens Heritage Cemetery Safety and Indigenous Garden " is now available on the Fund My Neighbourhood website.  

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Build a brick path, install lighting, improve safety for heritage cemetery

Access to the heritage graves at Cherry Church, which date to 1852, is unsightly and unsafe for elderly and disabled people.   It is proposed to install: 
• A suitable gate in the front fence that respects the heritage of the property 
• A brick paved path past the graves and to the Memorial Wall courtyard including a balustrade for safety as the path has a slope to it. 
• Lighting for the path and courtyard to improve safety for night meetings 
• New lime mortar to heritage walls which date to 1849.  This will help solve the damp problem in the old walls 
• A street light on the existing Stobie pole improving safe access from the car park 
• An upgraded power supply 
• Drainage to protect the graves and courtyard 
• A garden of Indigenous and native plants selected with the help of the Cherry Gardens Garden Club


We would be very grateful for your support for our project.  We are a small group of people, mostly pensioners, and value any support to help us preserve and maintain this heritage area.

Darryl Dyson

Chairperson of the Congregational Council



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